Why “The DL Dude”

This Blog serves as a my online journal.  I am a young urban professional black male who recently sought to discover my true sexual identity. I chose to call it “The DL Dude” simply because I wanted others outside of the LGBT community to read it.  I know that sometimes the term “Down Low” can be offensive with in the Gay community but I hope that people will move beyond the title and read my entries.  I pour out my heart totally!  I am honest.  I try to capture my true feelings and venture to a total place of honesty and sincerity.  I have only pursued the feelings that I may like guys for the past 5 months.  I have only had sex with one guy.  We are in a relationship now.  Each day (sometimes each hour) brings new fears, anxieties, frustrations, questions, answers, uncertainties, and worries.  How will I tell my family?  Will I tell them?  What will they say?  How will people treat me?  How does being with a guy influence my manhood?  How will people question my manhood?  How will I protect my career?  How will I protect myself?  How will I protect the one who I now love?  Can I really only stay with one guy forever considering he is my first everything?  Will he leave?  Will he find someone who is more ideal than I- taller, smarter, more $$$ or a bigger dick?  Will I find someone I perceive to be a better match?  Please check back often to follow the process that I take in becoming open and honest with myself.  Please enjoy my journey.

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  1. Would love to do an interview and segment on your site. Please contact me!
    Earnest Winborne

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